Presidential Palace Projects (14 Lifts).

Petrodar Head Quarter Building (8 Lifts 2.5 m/s of which one Panoramic) with Mic10 and ID card reader.

Marawi Hospital( 14 Lifts).

Al-Salam Rotana Hotel (7 lifts).

Sudapet head quarter building (7 Lifts).

Bank of Sudan (new head office) 8 lifts with 21 person capacity and 2 escalators with Lobby Vision.

National Telecommunication Corporation (6 lifts of which 4 lifts are 4m/s, 2 panoramic and 2 escalators) 28 story building.

Sudatel Tower.

PETRONAS Head Quarter Building (6 Lifts) with Lobby Vision.

GNPOC (7 lifts of which 5 lifts are 3.5m/s, 1 panoramic and 1 service lift) with Mic10 and ID card reader.

Byblos Bank Head Office (6 Lifts).

Other Brands:
Maintenance of 6 escalators and 5 lifts Sigma

Other Brands:
Maintenance of 18 lifts (Kone)